Niftylift Ltd SP45 and SP50

The SP45 and SP50 articulating boom lifts are in a league of their own. Within the 45′ articulating CAT class, Niftylift beats its competitors in every single category with respect to overall footprint. At the same time, Niftylift provides a superior working envelope. It’s competitors models are a 1′ wider, 6′ longer and weigh 2,000lbs to 3,500lbs more. Both the Nifty SP45 and SP50 offer 6′ of additional horizontal outreach compared to the Genie Z45J, JLG 450AJ and SkyJack SJ46 AJ. Further, the SP50 gains 5′ of work height while only weighing 11,020lbs – the SP45 only weighs 9,920lbs. has seen tremendous growth in the demand for all Niftylift models – their compact, low weight, easy to use and maintain profile makes them the perfect match for the gig economy of DIYers and Pros.

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