Bill Butner

I want everybody to know that I truly enjoy working with Andrew Johnson and feel honored doing business with Aerial Titans. Your business is much appreciated, and I feel comfortable you will do your very best to continue to meet my needs.

I was looking for a good used towable man lift, Andrew gave be many to choose from. I found one that would work for me, and he arranged everything and delivered it to my property (approximately 1000 miles away). It was delivered on my driveway in a week and he arrange getting an annual inspection done. I bought this lift concealed, only pictures.

Had some issues at first and I have a value trust in Aerial Titans, and they did meet my service expectations. Rest assured, with the missing and defective parts, my Genie TZ-50.

Thanks again! I look forward doing business with Aerial Titans for many years to come. And for that I am most grateful.

Best regards,
Bill Butner
Tipton, Indiana