Jay Carroll

We recently purchased a JCB 10K Telehandler from Aerial Titans. Brian was excellent to deal with through the sales process. They hooked us up with Currency Capital who did the financing for us. That part of the process was professional and seamless. To make a long story a bit longer, we took delivery within two weeks of making the deal. We had the machine delivered to the job site and put it to work immediately. However, there were a few minor repair issues that we didn’t think we should have had to absorb.

Early on, I had asked Brian about how Aerial Titans handled repairs/complaints within the first few weeks. He told me to let him know as soon as we discovered any issues or deficiencies which we thought should be covered under warranty. There were several legitimate items–which may not have shown themselves in a routine maintenance inspection–but nevertheless, they were things that needed to be addressed.

Within the first 24 – 48 hours after delivery, I notified Brian with a list of deficiencies. Aerial contacted a local equipment maintenance company and they sent out a technician (150 miles) to evaluate our machine, onsite. It took a few days to get the wheels moving–verifying and approving the necessary repairs, ordering parts and scheduling the work.

To be honest, I was a bit impatient about getting the work started and finished. But every single person in the chain who had a job to do, in order to see that the repairs were made, DID THEIR JOB! Aerial Titans, their staff, associates, affiliates and all who comprise their TEAM of professionals, made a believer out of me, as it pertains to service after the sale.

We will buy from Aerial Titans again and I would strongly recommend them–without a second’s hesitation!

Jay Carroll

Log, Stick and Steel, LLC

Pie Town, New Mexico